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So far, gmail has been a most reliable email service. How to backup gmail has never really crossed many minds simply because few see the need for it; very few people, then, how to backup gmail. But knowing how to backup you email can literally save your job, your studies, and maybe even your relationships. Some long-kept message could hold the key to that important project, or that research problem, or that personal information that you had forgotten. The problem is that gmail, for all its advances, is still a human technology, and as such can be vulnerable to failures and errors. read more

You may now know it, but you can make email work better for you by making gmail backup email to your computer for local storage. Gmail’s main strength is in offering huge storage (10 gigabytes and counting) and making it accessible online. But having gmail backup email will also ensure that your messages and files are right at your fingertips when you need it, especially when you don’t have an internet connection. Making gmail backup email also protects you from malicious attacks on your gmail account. read more