download emails from gmail

Because it is owned by Google, there is a widely held notion that gmail is the perfect email service provider. After all, with billions of dollars in its pocket, Google can certainly give all it can to gmail, right? Nothing can go wrong, and all our messages are safe within the confines of gmail.

Today, however, we are seeing a great need to download emails from gmail directly to our computers as more and more people jump into the gmail bandwagon. It simply isn’t safe anymore to rely on what is essentially a cloud service to hold our important messages.

And these days, the need is not just to download emails from gmail. Many of us use gmail as a backup service in which to store important files. It is common for users to email files to themselves so that they would have copies in the cloud that can be retrieved anywhere. And because of gmail’s huge capacity — 10 gigabytes and counting — many users simply don’t bother to delete messages. Little thought is given for the need for backup and to download emails from gmail.

But there have been a few instances in the past when it would have been necessary to download emails from gmail. Service blackouts may be rare, but they are not unheard of. Gmail has fallen into blackouts before, and users have been unable to access their accounts. Those who did not download emails from gmail to their computers were afraid that their messages and files had been lost forever.

As it turns out, they were worrying for a process — to download emails from gmail — that is easy to accomplish. Independent services like¬†provide programs that let one download emails from gmail for backup purposes. Just go to the¬†website, download the program that would let you download emails from gmail, and install it in your computer.

To download emails from gmail to your computer, just input your login details (username and password) and assign a folder or create one in which the backup will be saved. The program will begin to download emails from gmail straight to the folder you had earlier assigned.

While you’re at it, why not download emails from gmail to more than one computer? This would give you a measure of safety in the event that one computer does on you. You can still retrieve email and restore them from the other devices. You can actually download emails from gmail to devices like tablets and ultraportables, so your messages and files are accessible wherever you find yourself.