Gmail Backup

Gmail is one of those online services that just seems to work. Ever since it was introduced in Beta form in 2004, millions of users have benefited from its reliable email service.

There have, however, been several instances of failures, times in which gmail was inaccessible for hours on end. While most users did not lose any data, it makes one wonder if a gmail backup is necessary to protect one’s important messages. Indeed, there is a growing demand for gmail backup solutions, and several companies have come to fill the need.

One service is, which offers a simple gmail backup program that is easy to implement and is practically fool-proof. A quick visit to the site leads you to the gmail backup program which you can download to your computer. Once there, simply install it and run it.

The gmail backup program only requires you to input your gmail account details and to assign or create a folder in which the gmail backup will be placed. Once completed, the process is begun, and you literally just wait for it to finish.

Why is gmail backup important? The worst case scenario is that gmail could suffer a catastrophic malfunction and wipe out all your messages. Many of us have emails from the beginning of the gmail service in 2004, and these messages are kept there for a reason. Many of us also email important files to ourselves, using gmail as an online storage space. Losing these files — photos, documents, music — would be like losing a cherished treasure. So a gmail backup is essential so we can retrieve these files.

Another reason is that our gmail accounts can be hacked for some reason, and these hackers can literally deleted our messages at their whim. This has happened enough times for gmail to keep warning its subscribers to make their passwords strong and difficult to guess, and to keep these passwords to themselves. Without a gmail backup, all our messages and files could disappear in an instant.

A gmail backup solution is therefore a necessity as internet users become more and more sophisticated and cyberspace becomes a more and more complicated place. Local storage is always a good idea, and in fact we need a backup in as many computers as we can place it. Your backup can reside in your home computer, office work station, and even your daily-use tablet. That way, your gmail backup has a backup, and if anything happens to one computer, you can still retrieve and restore your messages from your gmail backup from another device.