how to backup gmail

So far, gmail has been a most reliable email service. How to backup gmail has never really crossed many minds simply because few see the need for it; very few people, then, how to backup gmail. But knowing how to backup you email can literally save your job, your studies, and maybe even your relationships. Some long-kept message could hold the key to that important project, or that research problem, or that personal information that you had forgotten. The problem is that gmail, for all its advances, is still a human technology, and as such can be vulnerable to failures and errors.

This has in fact happened several times in the past. Gmail has historically been rock-solid, but there have been a few instances when it was inaccessible. You would have to know how to backup gmail so that your messages can be retrieved and restored from your personal computer.


Fortunately, how to backup gmail is easy with many online services. One of these is, which takes you step by step in the process of how to backup gmail to your computer. How to backup gmail is easy: just download the program and install it in your computer. Once it is running, all you need to do is input your gmail account details, then assign or create a folder where the backup will be located. How to backup gmail is that simple.

Like any other good thing, how to backup gmail is a skill that you need to exercise regularly. Fortunately, does it automatically for you at intervals you decide. It basically asks you how to backup gmail according to your specifications, and then it will execute it flawlessly from then on. All you need to know about how to backup gmail is in the website so you won’t mess up your most important messages.

Knowing how to backup gmail is more important these days because we also use our gmail accounts to save other files like photos, music, videos, documents, and other such files. We email these important files to ourselves so that they would reside in the gmail “cloud,” ready to be retrieved at any time. But local storage is equally important, preparing ourselves for the day when the unthinkable happens and our gmail account gets hacked or gmail itself suffers a catastrophic error. In such an event, we would lose all our messages and important files in an instant, never to be retrieved again. How to backup gmail is thus a vital skill to learn.