gmail download email

Gmail began its service in 2004, first as a Beta project and eventually turning into a full-blown email program. The first users had one gigabyte of storage space for free, which was way above what the nearest competition was offering at the time. Of course nowadays, gmail users get more than 10 gigabytes of free space.

As a web-based service, you don’t let gmail download email directly to your computer. Your messages exist in the “cloud” and as such are accessible anywhere. However, the fact that you don’t have gmail download email to your device can lead to some problems. First is the reliability of gmail itself: while errors in gmail are rare, they are not unheard of. In some instances in the past, gmail has gone offline, making subscribers fear for the safety of their messages and files they had uploaded as a form of backup. There is thus a need to let gmail download email directly to your device to avoid such problems.

Fortunately, making gmail download email to your computer is easy, as there are specialized websites like that offer the service. Just head on down to the website, download the program (for Windows and Linux) that will make gmail download email to your computer, install it, and run it. You will need to input your gmail account details (username and password), but this is secure and will allow to perform its task. You then select or create a folder in which you want to make gmail download email, and you’re pretty much done. It’s a simple process, and you can have gmail download email right away.

Having gmail download email directly to your computer keeps your messages safe and secure. Gmail accounts can also be hacked, leaving your important messages in the hands of people with malicious intent. Many of us keep emails from important people like family, friends, and professional contacts, and losing these messages could have drastic effects on us. Having the foresight to have gmail download email to your computer can help minimize the damage that such an attack can make. You can readily retrieve the messages and even restore the messages from the folder where you had gmail download email.

Ideally, you should back up and have gmail download email to more than one computer. It may be a far-fetched scenario, but what if gmail crashes and your personal computer also dies on you at the same time? That’s why it’s important to have gmail download email as backup to as many computers as you can.